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Welcome to the Foundation Stage

EYFS 2011-2012



As a parent you are the most important person in your child's life, and you know a lot about your child. We want to welcome you to share in your child's education, by coming into school and sharing with us what you and your child have been doing at home. We love to hear it, so come and tell us.


Please remember that your child needs their PE kit on

Personal Development

Your child will learn to identify special people in their lives and will explore why these people are so important to them. They will learn about families including how families come in all shapes and sizes; the things families enjoy doing together and how people in families show that they care for each other. They will learn about friendship and what it means to be a good friend including how friends care for each other. They will learn social skills necessary for making friends including the ability to make new friends e.g. sharing, taking turns, listening and helping others. They will learn about why friends may sometimes fall out and will begin to learn simple methods for making up with friends and saying sorry. They will learn to recognise unkind behaviour such as name calling and leaving people out and will develop some ways for coping when others may be unkind to them. They will learn to value and empathise with others by examining hurtful behaviour and its effects on other people.






















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Early Years Practitioners:

Teachers: Mrs Moore Mr Thomas Mrs Olaniyan Teaching Assistants: Mrs Kendall HLTA Miss Venters Miss Gareja Miss Khan

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