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Welcome to Year 1

The adults who help us 
 Mrs Cooper
Mrs Olaniyan
Mrs Pipe
Miss Hussain
Miss Richards
Mrs Jones
Mrs Bibi
Autumn Term 2013

This term our theme is 'Ourselves'. We are settling into Year 1 and becoming more independent. Our core story is Beegu which is a about an alien that has crash landed on Earth and looks for some friends. Later this term we will also use the story of Bob, Man on the moon. You can ask your child to tell you about these stories. We will be sending Beegu home with different children so they can show her their homes and draw and write about her journey to their home.

Reading Books
We need to bring our bag back to school every day and change our books on a Tuesday and Friday. It is very important to read with your child for five minutes every day and talk to them about the story you have read.

Outdoor PE is on a Monday and Indoor PE is on Thursday. Please make sure your child has suitable clothing and trainers which are all clearly labelled. 
There are still a few children who do not bring PE kit on these days and we will phone home so that PE kit can be brought in.
Outside PE, children can wear jogging bottoms, tracksuits, trainers and need a sweatshirt or fleece to help keep them a bit warmer in the cold weather.
Inside PE children need a t-shirt and shorts that are above the knee or leggings.
Please can you ensure that all children’s clothing is clearly labelled with their name.

We have had experiecnce of using clay to make planets which was messy and fun. There were different tools which made holes and patterns in the clay.
Also we have been colour mixing using powder paints, following the sequence -
water, plate, paint, mix

Personal Development
        Your child will be learning about the various factors which contribute to a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating, physical activity and hygiene. They will become aware of the link between healthy eating and physical activity and will learn the difference between being active and inactive in their free time. They will be encouraged to think about choices they make and develop their self-awareness in terms of physical activity and healthy eating. They will discuss changes which happen in their body and emotions when they are physically active. They will discuss food likes and dislikes and be introduced to the Eatwell plate which shows the different food groups. Using this, they will learn about the need for a balanced diet in maintaining health, including the recommendation to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Children will reflect on their own practices and develop awareness of how they can make choices to make their lifestyle healthier.

Forthcoming events:

Next half term's topic - Journeys through time and space
Visit Space centre in Leicester

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Class News:


Your children have a phonics learning session every day.. This a carefully planned programme of lessons that will give your child the tools they need ...

Rhymes and Songs

Even in Year 1 rhymes and songs are vital for children's learning. Sing with your child as often as you can, click on the link for some ideas for song...

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doc.gif: Traditional rhyme cards for your child

Traditional rhyme cards for your child

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doc.gif: Alphabet Frieze

Alphabet Frieze

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ppt.gif: Counting up to 20

Counting up to 20

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ppt.gif: Counting in tens

Counting in tens

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