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Our adults: Mr R Gallagher
                Mr A Oldaker
                Mrs J Garth
                Mrs J Paul
                Mrs B Holdsworth
                Mrs Y Riffat

General Information:  Now that the weather is getting colder please could you make sure that the children have a warm coat to wear and suitable black school shoes.

PE:  Both 3O and 3G have P.E on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure that the PE kit you provide your child is suitable for them to wear outside during cold weather.

Next half term our theme will be Ancient Egypt. In science we will be learning about light and shadows. Our year group assembly will be on Friday 29th November 2013.

We feel the best support you can give at home is to regularly test your child's times tables and number bonds (numbers that go together to total 10, 20 or 100). 

Please listen to your child reading daily.  We would also encourage discussion of what they have read.  You can best support your child's spelling by testing them and checking that they are learning by using look, say, cover, write and then check.

HOME LEARNING: The children will be set regular home learning activities from the Education City website. They will usually have 2 weeks to complete the activities. We will also on occasion set other home learning tasks on a Friday. Please check your children's book bags regularly.

Please could you ensure that library books are kept in the children's book bags and brought with them to school each day so that the children can choose new books. The new library system will not allow your child to change books until books are returned or replaced.

Your child will be learning about a range of aspects of citizenship. They will explore what makes up their identity and begin to understand aspects of other people's identities. They will learn about different communities that exist in the UK and consider some of the different views, lifestyles and beliefs people have. They will understand about stereotyping and the importance of challenging it. There will be the opportunity to explore and share the different groups and communities they belong to, and the roles of different people in the community. They will look at the role the media plays. They will learn about the needs of their local environment and how they can help to care for it. They will also learn about the needs of animals, and how to care for pets.

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x, multiply, times- 2-digit x 2-digit (6MB)

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x, multiply, times- 1-digit x 2-digit (6MB)

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divide, share- with a remainder (9MB)

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divide, share (4MB)

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-, subtract, take-away, minus, difference (7MB)

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+, add, plus (6MB)

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