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Welcome to Year 4!

We are:
Mrs Evans
Mr Dobbs
Mrs Formosa
Miss Patel
Mrs Faizal
Mrs Paul
(and plenty of children!)

This term we are learning about the Tudors as our overall topic.  'Sound' and 'Insulators and Conductors' are our Science topics.
Any reading you can do around these would be really valuable.

We will be looking to make educational visits to the Peterborough Cathedral and Burghley House in Stamford, both of which have parts built in the Tudor Times.
We will be continuing to learn the violin this term.

You should be reading for 20 minutes each night and doing spellings.  You will get three pieces of home learning each week.

PE kit must be in school on a Monday (indoor) and Tuesday (outdoor).

We will be setting some home learning on-line.  For those who don't have access to the internet at home, we will be starting an after-school club soon.

Personal Development:  


Your child will be learning about a range of factors which contribute to a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating, physical activity, sleep and use of free time. They will revisit the Eatwell plate which they will have been introduced to in Year 1/2 and use it to plan healthy, balanced meals. They will learn about the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise and will consider the relationship between physical activity and nutrition. They will consider influences on people?s food choices and think about the benefits to our health of different kinds of food. They will be encouraged to think about the wider meaning of a healthy lifestyle, including sleep, dental hygiene, leisure activities and emotional health and wellbeing. They will be given the opportunity to plan and prepare healthy snacks and / or meals, perhaps when learning about religious festivals or enjoying a class or whole school celebration. They will become more aware of the healthy choices they can make and will be encouraged to think about their own lifestyles and whether they can make changes to become healthier.

Please click to view

Inside Peterborough Cathedral, as taken by Year 4!

Inside Peterborough Cathedral, as taken by Year 4! (38KB)

Peterborough Cathedral, as taken by Year 4!

Peterborough Cathedral, as taken by Year 4! (72KB)

Henry VIII - one of the Tudor Kings (1491-1547)

Henry VIII - one of the Tudor Kings (1491-1547) (45KB)

Class Links:

Playing with shapes

Which different shapes can you make using 4 triangles?

Practise partitioning with cubes

This is a fun game to help you understand tens and units.

Understanding tens and units.

Some of us will have used this in class to help us understand bigger numbers.

Adding two digit numbers.

Practise adding tens and units as a written sum. Remember to add the units first.

Number square

Practise putting numbers in the right place on a number square. Don't forget to cover all the numbers before you start playing.

Which activities can you find to help you practise your maths?

Look here for some of your favourite primary games. Remember Eggs on Legs and Balloon Burst?

Headline History!

We've only just started learning about the Tudors. There is so much more for you to find out about, so start here.

Manufacturing chocolate

This website shows the process of making chocolate from start to finish

Reading scales

Practise reading different scales by playing this game.

Who wants to be a millionnaire?

Play this game to help you remember what you have learned in the classroom.


Practise your coordinates here!

Practise your shape work.

Facts about shapes, including lines of symmetry.