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Welcome to Year 6!
This is a learning zone

Our adults:
Mr C. Wells
Mr J. Davis
Mrs M. Hewitson
Mrs. H. Steele
Mrs. A. Khan 
Mrs S. Bi
Welcome to the Autumn Term!
Children in year 6 have been reading the book 'Holes' by Louis Sachar. They have been using this text to aid them in their learning across a range of subjects. So far we have written diary entries in the style of the main character, written a play script, predicted what will happen next in the story and created our very own Louis Sachar-inspired character for our own story!

We have also been learning about LIGHT: the way it moves and how it is created.
We will also be doing some shadow puppetry as part of our work on light!

Maths and Literacy Home learning is set on Education City (which can be found at www.educationcity.co.uk) - all Year 6 children have their own log in details.
Children will have home learning much more regularly in Year 6. This is to prepare them for home learning routines they will have in secondary school. It is very important that every child reads for half an hour daily. Children will also be given word activities or spelling investigations to complete. It would be very helpful for them to have a dictionary at home. Maths home learning should be completed every day.

As part of the children's learning, all the year groups will take part in REAL-LIFE MATHS INVESTIGATIONS. This is an opportunity for the children to apply their learning in a real life context so they can see the importance and relevance of maths.

This term, children in Year 6 were asked:
This covered several areas of their maths learning (NO PUN INTENDED!) including area, perimeter, ratio, multiplication, division and budgeting using money. Photographs of their learning journey will soon be available to view below!

P.E takes place on Wednesday and Friday. Indoor P.E. will be on Wednesday; outdoor P.E. is on Friday.
Children need to come prepared with appropriate P.E. kit. - without it, they will not be able to take part and will miss out on their learning in P.E.

Personal Development
Your child will consider a range of factors which contribute to a healthy lifestyle, developing the idea that health is not only physical, but also emotional and social. They will develop their understanding of healthy eating, extending their familiarity with the Eatwell plate to include nutrients provided by different food groups and their benefits for our bodies. They will be given the opportunity to plan, prepare and cook simple healthy food, perhaps while learning about religious festivals or enjoying a class or whole school celebration. They will learn that we need an energy balance of energy in (food) and energy out (physical activity) in order to stay healthy and be active and that different types and amounts of food provide different amounts of energy. They will consider various influences on the choices they make about diet and exercise, including the media, peers and adults. They will recognise ways in which they can take responsibility for achieving a physically, emotionally and socially healthy lifestyle.