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Gladstone Primary School in Peterborough, England caters for children between the ages of 4 and 11 years old. It serves an area near to the city centre and occupies the site of what was once called St Mark's Junior Boys' School.

Having been established in 1983, after the re-organisation of several primary schools, Gladstone has established itself as a successful school with a growing reputation for providing children ready to embark on their secondary education in a confident, disciplined and mature way. The school roll is approximately 450 pupils.

School Aims

At Gladstone our aim is to create a caring school that promotes high standards of achievement and extends social skills, which will enable our pupils to become positive and confident members of our community.

We aim:
• • To place the highest importance on the acquisition of literacy and fluency in English.
• • To offer a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum to promote the highest achievement of every child.
• • To offer a range of experiences within and beyond the school curriculum to prepare our children to be responsible citizens.
• • To develop in each child positive attitudes towards themselves and others, towards their learning and to encourage self-motivation and self control.
• • To give equal opportunity and access to the whole life of school to every pupil regardless of gender, race, religion and ability.
• • To create a safe and secure environment for all.
• • To promote an interactive partnership between school, home and the wider community.
• • To value and develop the skills and knowledge of the whole school community in order to fulfil the aims of the school.

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doc.gif: Pupil Premium report 2012-2013

Pupil Premium report 2012-2013

File size: 199KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Pupil Premium Spending Plan 2013-2014

Pupil Premium Spending Plan 2013-2014

File size: 34KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Sports Funding Spending Plan

Sports Funding Spending Plan

File size: 38KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Key Stage 2 results 2013

Key Stage 2 results 2013

File size: 116KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Key Stage 1 Results 2013

Key Stage 1 Results 2013

File size: 106KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Phonics Screening Check results 2013

Phonics Screening Check results 2013

File size: 30KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Teaching of Phonics and Reading

Teaching of Phonics and Reading

File size: 25KB (Word File)

doc.gif: school handbook

school handbook

File size: 515KB (Word File)